History is Watching – Uplifting communities through Technology and Investment.

Who We Are

Dating back to 1694 our Family started (‘the Bank of England’) and was the first subscribers in its creation. Our firm has sought change and predictable outcome for our clients. This is through expert led data collection, analysis and research.

Our focus is to create long lasting change and uplift communities through the deployment of advance technology meeting the World Economic Forums (WEF) 7 Principles. The misconception that the market is complicated is not the case, the delivery of sound information and expert delivery means the client experiences the best in the city.

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Our Vision

“Through Sustainable growth from the indigenous communities itself we will lift the people out of poverty and deliver a World Class Infrastructure Project (s)”
–. A billion people will be lifted out of Poverty”.

What we can help you with


Our Advisory services provide professional guidance for strategic decisions, risk management, and maximizing opportunities for partners and businesses.

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With our expertise in Infrastructure Planning & Construction, we create robust systems that enhance connectivity, improve quality of life, and drive economic growth.

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Market Analysis

We leverage raw data and expertise to provide insightful guidance. Our analysts employ advanced techniques, transforming complex data into actionable intelligence.

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Invest in emerging markets for promising markets, rising demand, and favorable demographics. Drive wealth creation, foster economic development, contribute to global growth.

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Private Equity

Our expert team evaluates investment opportunities, selecting high-growth companies that align with our criteria. Rigorous due diligence ensures a solid foundation for success.

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Project Management

Our project managers oversee all aspects: defining objectives, assembling teams, monitoring progress, mitigating risks, and achieving desired outcomes with expertise.

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Mobilising Resources in difficult regions and conflict zones

We specialize in mobilising resources, implement projects in challenging regions & conflict zones. Leverage local knowledge, strategic guidance for positive impact.

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Asset Recovery & Tracing

Our experts use advanced techniques to locate and recover hidden assets. We assist clients in reclaiming assets, ensuring confidentiality, professionalism, and adherence to legal standards.

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Digital Stakeholder Management

Transform stakeholder engagement with our Digital Stakeholder Management services. Utilize technology for tailored strategies, real-time feedback, and enhanced outcomes. Drive success in the digital era.

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Logistics Command

Efficient supply chain management & logistics operations. Streamlined processes, optimized resources, and timely delivery of goods and services. Cost-effective strategies for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Grant Writing Services

Secure funding with our Grant Writing services. Expert writers create persuasive proposals aligned with funding criteria. Comprehensive support throughout the grant lifecycle for successful outcomes.

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Woman testimonial from Porto Magazine company

Partnering with Prometheus has truly been a transformative experience for our organization. Their exceptional services have helped us identify and address critical business challenges, leading to significant improvements across all areas of our operations. From strategic planning to implementation, the LTDP team has consistently provided us with the support and guidance we need to succeed. We are excited to continue working with LTDP in the future.

Marco R. Greco

Prometheus Investments Client

"Thanks to the outstanding services provided by Prometheus, we were able to successfully complete a highly complex project within the designated timeline and budget constraints. We highly recommend their services."

Karl M. WhitePrometheus Investments Client

"We were initially hesitant to use their services, but Prometheus made the process easy and stress-free. They took the time to understand our needs as a business and provided tailored solutions and recommendations."

Pauline Anne WeberPrometheus Investments Client